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Platinum-Blazing the Appalachian Trail:

How to Thru-hike in 5 3-Star Luxury


Every year, thousands of individuals set out to achieve thru-hiker immortality on an epic 2,200 mile journey along the Appalachian Trail, one of the most iconic and desired long distance hikes in America. Potential hikers know to follow the “white blazes” on painted trees, rocks, and roads to direct their path forward … but we offer this supplemental navigation tool for those hoping to add a little luxury to their thru-hike experience.

Where can I find premium accommodations when I desperately need a day off?
Which Hostels provide the most premium hiker services available?
Where can I find the best fine-dining for a much needed steak dinner?
Where is the most delicious and rewarding ice cream treat?
Who has the best burger or pizza?
Which blue-blaze trails are worth the extra side trip?
Which towns are on the must-stop list, and which should I avoid?
What is the single, greatest destination every hiker should visit?

All the questions and more are answered in this guide to Platinum-Blazing the Appalachian Trail!  Written by 2018 thru-hike finishers, this book points future hikers to the very best luxury accommodations, meals, destinations, and experiences available on the trail from Georgia to Maine.  From the eager hiker looking to plan ahead, or the tired hiker looking take a break, we hope this guide will help you find the best places to splurge while hiking along the Appalachian Trail.

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